Let’s support a successful student!

We’ve always known that students in Deák are very bright, they get amazing results in different regional and national competitions. We’re looking forward to greeting yet another winner, Bogdanovic Mina (9. a), who entered a national competition in the topic of environmental awareness! You can read an interview with an emerging star, and we hope you’re willing to give a like to help her through her journey!

Firstly, tell me a bit about this competition! What’s its purpose?

Well, the whole event supports sustainability and the main topic is a sustainable school, and it’s connected to biology and ecology as well. The jury basically wanted very creative works and ideas, ones we can really use in reality. There are 5 different categories and it is a national competition.

How did you know about this competition, who told you about it?

Our biology teacher, Jennifer Tusz posted a whole file with a detailed description about the competition, she explained the rules, but the only one whose eye it caught was mine. I suggested my idea, I worked on it, and later on, I sent it via post. I was slightly sceptical if it would make it on time, because it had to arrive in Veszprém. It is a huge opportunity for me and it means a lot!

What were the rules and stipulations you had to comply with?

So the rules aren’t strict, you only need creativity and will. A lot of students applied, all from 9th to 12th grade, and it was a big surprise and honor when I realised I got into the 10 best in my category. Everyone has the opportunity to get 10-30 graduation points, and people who have gotten into the second round can also win a special prize from the jury. For the people who have gotten into the 2nd round, the way to win is getting as many likes and shares as possible on their works posted on the official page of Pannon University (that organised the whole event), the deadline is 6th May, and currently we are in the 2nd place. I believe it’s a big treat to be chosen and given an opportunity to become 1st in the country from 5 categories, and the only way to achieve this is just to get support and interest from my generation.

Here you can find the link to the Facebook page, where you can like her picture!

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