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Everybody has an activity, what makes them feel relaxed. When we’re listening to music, we can be more liberated than before. We can easily enjoy a moment in our life. You can read two examples from students about how they feel about music in their life.

A spoonful of hot soup

Listening to music is like slurping a hearty soup, whose ingredients are nostalgia and peacefulness. We all have our beloved soup, but now I will explain mine.

A spoonful of a great soup reminds me of the last and first time I had it. It reminds me of what I felt while eating it, or where I was on specific dates. The melody and lyrics of a song functions the same way. It can bring you back entirely to the times when you were dancing to the song with your friends, or when you just wanted to listen to something on the way home without having a clue that it will mean a lot to you in the future.

After a long day when nothing works out for you, isn’t it a sip of a warm soup that can help you unwind? It makes me feel loved and I feel like it is whispering in my ear that everything will be all right. Most of the songs I listen to give me this pleasant feeling. So when I am frustrated, I just put on one of the songs that have the Best frequency to heal my madness.

In conclusion, music is the same as a a spoonful of your favorite soup on a bitter, cold Monday afternoon. I wish I could explain it more, but the lunch is ready and I can’t miss the first course.

Szeri Nóra (11a)

Music is my protective shield

Music is one of the most significant creations of the world. For me, music serves as a protective shield that strengthens me from both the in- and outside. However, music doesn’t always come with a pleasant feeling. To give you an idea, imagine getting butterflies in your stomach after hearing your alarm clock going off to a chosen song in the mornings.

I like to look at music as my bodyguard. Without music, I would have been really scared to walk alone on the streets at night. Not to mention walking by scary-looking people while listening to music, makes me feel powerful, almost like I could fight anyone.

Secondly, when I am home alone, bursting my favorite songs on full volume can also come in handy. Usually, when I’m left on my own in an unfamiliar place, I feel weak and anxious. Yet when I put my music on blast, I feel protected, like someone is watching over me. In both cases, music acts as a protective armor that assures that nothing could harm me.

Music makes me feel stronger on the outside and the inside. More specifically, listening to good tunes greatly boosts my confidence. I’m not a big fan of doing things by myself. For instance, when l’m running an errand or when I’m skateboarding on my own, I always worry about what others think of me. By just putting in my earphones, all these worries go away. Even though it is the simplest thing to do, it still manages to impact how I feel.

I admire the whole concept of music for having such a great power over me. It has the potency to act as a protective shield when I’m feeling the weakest and manages to strengthen my confidence when I need it the most.

Töpfer Tara (11a)

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