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This article is about the current situation in different countries. I made an interview with a Polish student, Wiktoria Przeliorz. I was interested in what the conditions are in her country, and how she is experiencing the whole situation.

Which country are you from?

I am from Poland.

What kind of school do you go to?

I am going to high school on a language-business profile.

When did the lockdown start? 

I think it was 20th March, but now since 22nd October we are also at home and almost everything is closed, so I would consider it as a 2nd lockdown.

What was your first impression of the situation? How did you feel? Were you scared? 

At first, I was terrified but I am a realistic person, so I wasn’t scared as much as my family for example, but I could say it was more something like stress than fear. I was pretty calm about what was going on.

How did your school cope with the situation in the last school year? What was the biggest challenge? How did your teachers handle the situation? Did you have online teaching? How was it organized?

So I think this school year/online school is better than the last year. In the last year, we had lessons on Classroom, and some teachers had been doing online meetings. I think teachers were not prepared for such a thing and did not know that we also have life and we spend too much time on the computer and also did not know how to teach, what platforms they could use. We barely knew if we need to be next to the computer all hour or just do the homework and go because they could send anything at any moment. 

Did you manage to study? 

Yes, I did. I am an organized person, so even if my teachers had problems with sending the materials or teaching us, I always found a way to understand the lesson. I also did not have a problem with being consistent and sit down to do the most important things.

What has changed since last year? 

To be honest, I don’t really know, maybe the attitude of the people towards other people? I think they are more helpful and think about each other more. Also, I would say that people have started also think more about themselves, they started to meditate, exercise, eat more healthy but also some people started to feel lonely, depressed, or gain weight. I suppose we are more careful and in one way clean too.

What do you think and feel about the new measures? 

I am a person who thinks that we should or have to wear the masks, sterilize ourselves, and not spend time in huge groups but we should not be locked in. Also, the restaurant, schools, and the culture were not supposed to be locked, because they can not earn money and the government does not support them, so how people need to live without the money. Covid-19 is dangerous, I even had corona but staying at home can only delay the infection not stop it.

Can you adapt to them?

Yes, I have to, if I want my family to be healthy. The restrictions are necessary.

How does the lockdown affect your personal plans? 

Because of the coronavirus all of my plans were canceled, also my school life had ended. I could not and cant volunteer in the hospice and organization where I am volunteering. I could not go to the concerts and also meet my grandpa who’s in Scotland and my dad in Germany, but there are some pluses of being at home, I can spend time with my family, focus on my future plans and myself.

How was summer? Did you have opportunities to travel? 

Summer was boring, the only happy thing I can think of is my birthday which I spent with my best friend and one weekend at my best friend’s house when we went kayaking. I did not have any opportunities to travel, but there is luck in leisure.

How did the school start in September? 

My school started well, it was pretty awesome. I missed my friends and dormitory. I am not a very sociable person but sometimes I need people too. 

What did you learn from this experience? 

I have learned a lot about people and myself, also that some people are not worthy of knowing me.

Do you feel protected when you are in school? 

Absolutely not or only if we have to wear masks everywhere not only outside the classroom.

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