Double Trouble: On The Road – the remaining chapters

Written by: Dalma Fodor

Chapter 6

Next morning I packed my stuff that I had bought in the shopping center, said goodbye to Ashley and left the hotel. Honestly, I have no idea where to go. I wanted to continue my journey, and explore the world, to have a fresh start. However, I had a job back in Jersey. The only thing I knew was that I had to hitchhike a ride again. I still didn’t have my license. I didn’t have the time to get it between running from my crazy sibling and winning that huge stuffed animal at the fun fair. But I kind of got used to traveling with someone. It was a way of getting to know new people. It became my hobby. My next ride was a little different from the others. I usually don’t like to judge a book by its cover but these two… I got the goosebumps. They were wearing dark clothes, had dark make up and dyed black hair. In definition they were goth.

– Lucy right?

– Yes!

– So Lucy what brings you to Atlanta? – Asked the girl while her boyfriend was driving.

– It’s a long story. But what about you guys?

– We were at a concert.

– Oh, which band? – I asked like I hadn’t already know the answer.

– The Cure.

Yep, just what I thought, the biggest goth band nowadays. I heard they were having a concert and their music is actually pretty good but honestly, not my style.

– Can I ask you a question? – asked her boyfriend.

– Sure! – I didn’t know if it was their look or the situation that freaked me out but I got really scared by his question. He asked it pretty seriously like it was an interrogation. Maybe they work for my sister as well. But I thought it would be too obvious. I became paranoid.

– The make up is too much, right?

– Haha, what? – I asked confusedly.

– The make up. She forced me to put it on, but it’s ridiculous. Tell her.

– No, don’t let him influence you! – said his girlfriend loudly.

I started laughing. Their argument was really funny. It was so surreal how two scary looking people could have such humble personalities.

It was a 12-hour ride to New Jersey. I was exhausted when Tom and Daisy dropped me off at my apartment. We said goodbye and Daisy made sure I didn’t forget the concert that she had invited me to. Then, I grabbed the only bag I had and climbed the stairs. I live on the sixth floor. Terrible, I know. Especially after grocery shopping.

– Finally! – I had a sigh of relief when I reached the top floor.

I was too lazy to search for my keys so I flipped the doormat to grab my spare key but it wasn’t there. Strange. I know it’s not the best hidden spot but it’s always there. So I pulled my key out, twisted it and the lock snapped open. I wasn’t alone. There was two of me…

– Hello sister!

Chapter 7

I couldn’t believe it. After everything I had been through… When I thought that all of this was finally over, she shows up.

– What are you doing here?

– Lucy I am…

– No! You know what? Don’t even answer. I’ve had enough.

– Please, give me a chance to explain everything. You left before I could do it.

– Sorry for not texting but I was a little busy running from your guard dogs…

– I’m sorry about their behaviour. I know they can be a little violent.

– A little?! – I laughed anxiously. I didn’t know how to handle the situation. A part of me wanted answers but I was really tired of all this madness.

– Just leave. OK? If you really care about me as you say, then leave and never come back.

– I never wanted things to turn out like this… – she said.

I heard sadness in her voice. Like she was about to cry. I almost felt bad. I wanted to say something…something nice, but I was lost for words.

Suddenly, we heard a gunshot from downstairs. It was extremely loud and terrifying. We looked at each other. She was just as surprised as I was. Well, at least I knew that it wasn’t part of her plan.

We rushed outside and started running towards the apartment where we thought the shooting happened. I wasn’t sure but I followed my instincts. Just when I was about to grab the handleto open the door it busted open and a man showed up at the doorstep. He had a gun and a big black briefcase. Behind him there was a woman and judging by the gun she was holding, the screams were obviously not coming from her. They probably robbed the family who lives there. I didn’t have the guts to look inside.  I was afraid of what I would see.

– You too! You’re coming with us. – said the man loudly.

He was wearing a mask so I couldn’t see his face. The woman grabbed our arms and pulled us out of the building.

– Hurry up! I don’t want to deal with the cops again.

“Again?” – I thought. How many times have they done this? There was a car waiting for them. The woman pointed the gun at us.

– Get in! – she said.

I looked at my sister. I could tell she was shocked and scared. I even saw a tear in her eye. I think she felt responsible for this. But I didn’t know why. Out of all the things she had done, this one was exceptionally not her fault.

We sat in the car. I was startled when I saw two little kids sitting in the back seats. They were about five years old.

I assume the man and the lady were their parents. A family who robs apartments. Wonderful.

– What do we do with them? – asked the man when he started the car.

– Let me handle it. – said the lady.

I only felt her gun hitting my forehead and that was it… I blacked out… Again.

Chapter 8 

When I woke up I was in a different car. I felt dizzy. My sister was still sitting next to me, still asleep. I had no idea what happened to the family who knocked us out. This time a woman was driving the car. She had short red hair. However, the other lady who was sitting in the passenger’s seat, had long blonde hair. They were the opposites of each other. 

On one hand, the driver was pretty short. She was wearing dark clothes. She reminded me of Daisy and her boyfriend. Maybe she was goth too. 

On the other hand, the woman with blond hair was quite tall. Her clothes were colorful. She seemed like an optimistic person, and yet she was sitting in a car with two unconscious women. 

– I hope they are okay!– said the lady sitting in the passenger’s seat.

– They don’t look OK… – said the girl with red hair aggressively.

– Jade, calm down. Just drive as fast as you can.

– Oh thank you Kate!!-said Jade sarcastically- Why haven’t I thought about that?!

As it seems, they were pretty different in the inside too. Unlike Jade, Katie was nice, friendly and seemed naive, even a little dull.

However, Jade was very stubborn and could not listen to her friend.

While they were arguing, I tried to wake my sister up.

– What?- said my sister fretfully.

The girls heard her talking. They both turned around at the same time.

– Hey guys! How are you feeling? – asked Katie anxiously.

– Give them time Kate. They don’t look so good. – said Jade.

– Thanks – I said–  Now, care to tell us what happened?

– We found you unconsciously sitting on a bench at the side of the road. We wanted to help by picking you up and taking you to the nearest hospital – said Katie. She talked like a child who overdosed on candy.

– Why didn’t you call the police? – I asked.

– We tried but there was no service.

– I don’t really know what to say…

– I think the phrase you’re looking for is thank you. – said Jade aggressively.

– Jade! Don’t be rude!

– Thanks – my sister finally woke up and joined the conversation. – Now stop the car and let’s go! – she said.

She grabbed my hand and reached for the door.

– What are you doing? – screamed Katie– You need a doctor.

– I agree! – I said – they can’t just leave us. We have nowhere to go.

– Lucy please, trust me! We can’t… I can’t go to a hospital!

– Why?

– I’ll explain after the ginger finally stops the car.

– Call me that again and I swear… – said Jade.

The next thing I knew was that my sister pointed a gun at her and forced Jade to pull over. Katie was screaming and Jade looked terrified as well. They weren’t the only ones… I had no idea where she got that gun from. They dropped us out and drove away. My sister was still holding my hand when I turned to her and asked:

– What the hell?

Chapter 9

Silence. There was nothing else but silence between us. We were just walking and walking. I didn’t know where we were heading. She didn’t tell. The gun was still in her hand but to be honest, I wasn’t afraid. I somehow knew she couldn’t use it on me.

– It’s Clark. – she broke the silence.

I was surprised and didn’t understand. I looked questioningly at her, so she explained.

– My name.- she said. – It’s Clark!

And that was it. That was our conversation. It wasn’t much but it meant so much to me. I felt like she trusted me and wanted to make things right.

We arrived at a bus shelter. I assumed we were going to take the bus.

– Are you ready to talk about it? – I asked.

She had a deep sigh and looked at me. She seemed worried.

– Look, I want to do this right, but my past… let’s just say it’s very complicated and messed up. I want to tell you everything but I’m afraid. – she tried to control her sob– I’m afraid I’ll scare you away again.

She was on the edge of crying. It hurt to see her like that.

– Hey, it’s OK! I won’t leave! No matter how creepy or messed up you are, you’re still my sister. – I smiled. – I mean look at you, how could I turn my back on such an attractive person.

We both started laughing. I guess using the twin card broke the ice between us.

When I thought things couldn’t get funnier a BMW pulled over and stopped right in front of us.

– Oh look! Our ride is here! – I said sarcastically.

Then a guy got out of the car. He seemed pretty affluent judging by his Rolex, Gucci sweater and boots. He also had a pair of sunglasses which were probably more valuable than anything I’ve ever bought. Including my phone, which I lost by the way…

– Clark are you OK? I came as soon as I got your text! What happened?

I almost laughed out loud. I thought we were taking the bus then Mr. Long Lost Kardashian brother showed up. I felt like my life became more interesting than a Venezuelan soap opera.

– I’ll explain on the way. – said Clark. Then she looked at me with a shy smile on her face. She knew I was mad about the plot twist she pulled. I didn’t want to have another talk about the past and mistakes so I finally decided to join our own unpredictable soap opera. I grabbed her hand and started walking towards the car.

– So where are we going? – I asked–  The Buckingham Palace?

– What are you talking about? – asked the guy – It would be inappropriate to disturb the Queen on a Sunday afternoon. – he laughed.

I laughed too. I couldn’t remember when was the last time I was so easy-going and carefree. We got in the car.

– Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jacob. – we shook hands.

– Lucy. – I smiled.

– I know. I’ve been dying to meet you.


– Enough Jacob. – smiled Clark.

We continued the road. I wanted to ask where we were going but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I guess the sleepless nights finally caught up with me. The only rest I had in the last few days was when I was knocked out. I laid my head on my sister’s shoulder and fell asleep.

Chapter 10

When I woke up I was in a different place. It was huge and everything looked luxuriousaround me. It was a little dark, the curtains were closed. I was still half asleep. I thought I was dreaming or that I had changed bodies with someone who obviously doesn’t have financial problems. I got up to look around. The room I woke up in was breathtaking. There was this enormous king size bed and it was as comfortable as sleeping in a cloud. I would have continued admiring the suit but the door opened and interrupted it. Clark walked in. She changed, unlike me. I was still in my dirty “running away” clothes. If you thought the princess suit came with a nightgown, you were wrong.

– Did you sleep well? – asked Clark.

– Let’s just say I slept. But if you think you can bribe me then you’re wrong. I want answers. Where are we? Is this Jacob’s house? – I asked.

– More like his mansion, but yes. It’s his.

– And how exactly do you two know each other?

– He’s an old friend. We can trust him.

– OK. –  I said.

– But now you need to get ready. They will be here soon.

– Who?

– There’s no time for more questions. Have a shower and here– she handed me black T-shirts and jeans. I assumed those were hers. She usually wears dark stuff. 

– Thanks. – I smiled.

– Hurry up! You stink. – she laughed.

I slightly pushed her arm as a joke and headed to a door with the sign BATHROOM written on it.

After a long and refreshing shower I went downstairs to look for Clark. I was naive to think that the room was the best part of this mantion. Everything was beautiful. It wasn’t too much either. Just the right amount of luxury. If there is even a limit to that. I walked down the stairs. Clark was in the hall waiting for me with a woman and a man. They were both wearing black suits and were holding briefcases. I couldn’t even guess what was going on. I stood next to Clark and looked at her questionably. She had her “I will explain later” face on.

– Can we go? – asked the woman.

– Yes! – said Clark.

– Hold on! – I said – Where are we going?

– We are here to help Miss Thompson. – the man smiled at me.

We walked out of the mansion and headed towards a black car. It looked suspicious, the kind of car you don’t want to get into. The man opened the door for us. Clark sat in first and I followed her. I don’t know why. I guess for some unexplainable reason I trusted her.

The woman started the car and I looked back for one last time. I was so sad and also irritated about the fact that we had to leave, again…

We were just sitting there.

Suddenly,… I heard a gunshot. I could have sworn it was coming from the mansion. I looked back and I saw a body in front of the main door. I started screaming. It was Jacob. He was dead.

– Hurry! – said the man. The woman started to drive faster.

– Here, as promised. – the guy handed the briefcase to my sister.

– Thank you Henry.

– What the hell is going on? – I screamed and didn’t understand why nobody freaked out about the gunshot.

– There’s money in it. You need to take it. – said Henry.

– Why? Why are you giving us money? What’s going on? 

– Just take it!

– Look Lucy, this will be enough for us to start over. – she smiled– Together.

– Are you out of your mind? Jacob is dead. I suppose you had something to do with it, if your only concern is whether to accept money from this creepy guy or not. – I was basically shouting at her.

– Henry is not creepy and you can trust him. – she said.

– Trust him?! You mean I can trust him like you told me to trust Jacob??

– Please let me…

– Let me guess: explain everything? No Clark, I have had enough. And I mean it this time.

I grabbed the door handle.

– What are you doing? – She looked terrified.

– Something I should have done a long time ago. I’m leaving.

I opened the door and jumped out.

Chapter 11

I was laying on the ground trying to get my strength back. After I got up, I started running. I didn’t want Clark to come after me. I didn’t want any of it. I just wanted my old life back. The one that didn’t have dead bodies and creepy women and men with briefcases in it. I heard my sister shouting.

–Lucy! Do I really need to start running after you?

She was still in the car. I knew what I was doing looked ridiculous. Running away from a car that can outrun me any second. I mean, what was I thinking. I could have run for as long as I wanted but I still had nothing with me. No money, no identity card, no food. I was basically no one. I almost gave up and went back when an old black car passed by and slowed down as soon as the driver saw me. He looked like he recognized me or something.

– Clark Thompson? Is that really you? – he asked.

He was just as surprised as I was. I followed my hunch and got in immediately.

– Oh my God! It’s so good to see you! – I said while I buckled up. It was the first time someone had mistaken me for my twin.

– Well it seems like you’re in a bit of a rush. – he said.

– Yeah! You see that car? It has been following me for the past hour. It’s kind of creepy. 

I was a terrible liar.

– It’s OK! I am on it! – he smiled and drove away really fast.

After about five minutes, I finally calmed down. But then I realized what I had done. I was in a stranger’s car. Again… In fact, that stranger thought I was Clark. I had to pretend. But I didn’t even know his name which made things a little more complicated…

I looked around. The car was a complete mess and smelled like every fast food restaurant mixed together. The guy kind of looked like the car. Ripped clothes, messy hair and even smelled like it. If there was a McDonald’s fragrance I’m sure it would be his scent. I assumed he was a squatter. 

– Are we playing the silence game? – he asked and laughed afterwards.

– I’m sorry! – I laughed too. – I’m just still in a bit of a shock, you know?

– Oh yeah, the car that was following you. Was it Jacob again?

My heart stopped for a moment. I saw the body again and I remembered the gunshot. I still couldn’t deal with the fact that he was dead. I only knew him for a short time but he seemed like a nice guy. And even the thought that Clark was behind his murder made me so angry.

– Clark? Are you OK?

I couldn’t even answer. I was dealing with so much anger and hatred. Why would he think that Jacob was following Clark? Were they together?

– Clark? – he asked again.

– No! – I said–  It wasn’t Jacob. – I almost started crying but I had to stop myself.

“Come on Lucy! You can do it!” – I kept motivating myself in my head.

I had to change the subject.

– So where are we going? – I asked.

– Well, I was heading to the Bunker. Adam and the guys are already there. You could join us.

What the hell is the bunker? And who is Adam? Maybe Clark knew them. I had to keep it cool.

– Yeah sure! It would be great to catch up with them.

And that was the point where I couldn’t come back from. I got myself so deep in this “pretending to be Clark” situation. It became irreversible.

– Cool! – he said and smiled.

I was so nervous on the way there. I mean what was I thinking? I didn’t know those guys. I kept responding to the squatter’s questions with: Really?, No way!, Cool!.

Or I just laughed. I was afraid to say anything else besides these phrases. I didn’t want to reveal my real identity.

– Well here we are! – he said and stopped the car.

My heart was racing again. I tried to fake a smile but probably looked like I was gonna throw up. Which wasn’t entirely false. We got out of the car and started walking inside. Every steptook us closer to the humiliation I was going to be put through…and we entered. The house was a mess and surprisingly, empty. There were beer bottles all over the floor. My suspicion was right. He was kind of homeless. The Bunker was probably the place where he gathered with his squatter friends. The first room was empty but I heard music coming from the other one. When we entered the room we grabbed everyone’s attention. They were shocked for a minute but then started shouting and celebrating. They said things like: “Clark is that you?”, “Oh my God! It’s so good to see you!”

I didn’t know anyone. I panicked.

– Hey what are we celebrating? – a girl walked in with a beer in her hand and was already tipsy.

I turned around to see who it was. I almost fainted when I looked at her. I knew I recognizedthat voice from somewhere. It was Stacy. She dropped her bottle and was even more shocked than I was.

– Lucy?

Chapter 12

I couldn’t breath. I was exposed. I knew Stacy would reveal my identity to the others. I was desperate.

– What are you doing here? – she asked.

Everybody looked confused around us. I had to put on a good face and act like everything was fine.

– Can we take this conversation somewhere else? – I asked politely.

– Stacy. Are you all right? – asked one of the guys.

– I’m fine! I just didn’t expect to see… – she stopped and looked at me for a second. – her…

I was glad she didn’t mention my real name again.

– I was also surprised by Clark– said the squatter guy who picked me up. He also smiled.

– Clark Huh…?-Stacy looked at me. I knew from her face expression that she would not reveal me. At least not yet. But I had to be careful.

I started thinking. So these must be Clark’s friends. Which means Stacy is also her friend. Butthat meant I’m not safe. Everybody here could be part of their creepy group who kidnapped me. But I only recognized Stacy. Nobody else. They weren’t in the basement. I became furious. Maybe they met here and my sister decided to include her in the illegal business.

In the meantime the“party”went on smoothly and for some unexplainable reason Stacy decided to ignore me for the rest of this weird evening. I didn’t mind. In fact, I was glad. I tried to blend in. I used the same tricks as in the beginning of high school. I stood there and laughed at every joke. Sometimes joined the conversation with a: “No way!”, “That’s so funny!”

It was nearly midnight when I decided to leave the Bunker. They wanted me to stay but I knew I had to leave. When I was heading out I bumped into Stacy.

– I don’t know what kind of trouble you got yourself into but watch out Lucy. Next time I won’t help you out.

Then she left. I didn’t even have a chance to say thank you or ask what she was doing there. But I didn’t care. She didn’t expose me and I was grateful. I could finally leave and pretend that none of this happened. I walked out of the house and didn’t stop. After a few minutes of walking and feeling proud I realized I was still no one with nothing.

“OK Lucy, think!”-I kept whispering to myself.

– I need a bus stop.

I walked to the nearest one I saw and sat on the bench. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a second.

“How the hell did I get here?” – I thought.

In the past few weeks my life turned upside-down. I was desperate, cold, tired, angry and I honestly just had enough. I was thinking about my apartment. I hated it so much, but in that moment I would have done anything just to be there again. In my own bed. I dropped a tear… Then another one… and another one. I didn’t know when was the last time I cried. I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I was that little child again. Abandoned, left on the side of the road. Alone. I guess I was always destined to end like this. It was foolish of me to even have a little hope in having a great relationship with my sister. I don’t know for how long I sat there. When I opened my eyes I realized how dark it was. I could barely see my own hands. Deep down I knew that the bus wasn’t coming. I put my hands on the bench to stand up. 

That was the moment when I realize that I was sitting and crying next to my solution the whole time. I picked up a chain. I couldn’t really see it so I ran to the nearest street lamp that was working. It wasn’t just a chain. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was from gold. The chain was broken but still valuable. If I could find a pawnshop I would get just enough money for it to finally go home. I was so happy. But I still needed a ride. I figured that wouldn’t be a problem. 

I was a hitchhiker.

Chapter 13

Probably this was the longest time I have waited for a ride.The sun almost came up and it was really cold. But nothing could take away my happiness. I had my ticket to home and that was all that mattered. The cars were passing by. I almost lost hope just when an old timer car pulled over. It looked really cool. I always had a thing for old cars and would have got one, ifI had had enough money and a license… I walked to the window to ask the lady where she was heading. When she turned to me I almost fainted. 

It was J. K. Rowling. Bloody hell…

I’m sure I wasn’t breathing for like five minutes which is kind of impossible.

– I’m on my way to Washington. – she said and smiled.– I could give you a ride if you want.

I was just standing there and couldn’t even remember my own name.

– You are… Oh my God. – I said, or at least I tried.

I could have said anything but nothing came out of my mouth just this one sentence:

– I love Harry Potter! – I literally screamed. – I’m sorry. I’m just a really big fan of your work.

– Thank you. – she laughed – I know you have questions so just get in already.

She was so nice and I was fangirling so hard. I sat in the car as fast as I could. I was afraid she might change her mind and drive way. I was sitting next to her like a five-year-old who’s mom just told her that they’re going to get ice cream. I tried to calm myself down a bit.

– Thank you for the ride. – I smiled so hard, I almost broke my jaw.

– Of course! You seem like a nice girl and I didn’t want you standing next to the road alone. What were you doing there anyway? 

– I’ll tell you, if you promise to write a book about it.

We both laughed. I thought: “Oh my God! I made JK Rowling laugh!”

Then I told her everything from the beginning to the end. It was relieving. I finally got rid of all the secrets I was carrying. I told her about the gold chain too and that I wanted to sell it. She offered to help me but I refused. I got myself into this mess and I have to be the one to get out of it. For the rest of the ride we talked about her amazing work, especially Harry Potter.

– So who is your favorite character? – I asked.

– That’s a hard question. They are all very close to my heart. But, – she smiled– if I really had to choose… I would say Hermione. She’s the most hard-working and ambitious out of all.

– Yes! But I think Snape had the biggest transition at the end. 

We continue talking. It was amazing. She is truly a role model for me. I even wrote an essay about her in middle school. It’s amazing how much she has achieved even though she had a tough past. I looked up to her.

It was a long ride but passed quickly. I was sad when we arrived to Washington but also happy when we found the pawnshop. I hugged her and thanked her again for the third time.

– You’re welcome, and remember Lucy that you’re a strong girl. Don’t let anyone ruin your happiness! There are hard times but you’ll get through them. – she smiled.

We said goodbye and she drove away. This was a ride I knew I would never forget.

Chapter 14

I stepped inside the pawnshop. There was gold and jewelry everywhere.

– I’m coming. – said the owner of the shop. He must have heard me coming inside.

I was staring at a beautiful necklace that got my attention when I heard the man’s voice again.

– This can’t be! – he said.

I turned around. He had tears in his eyes and looked at me like someone who just found out that had won the lottery.

I looked over my shoulder to make sure there was nothing behind me. I looked confused. But he was still staring.

– Umm… Can I help you? – I asked slowly.

– It has been 18 years. Look at you. All grown up.

– I’m sorry. Do I know you? – I was so confused.

Suddenly, he was in front of me and in the next moment he was hugging me. I pushed him away.

– Who are you?

– Oh… My bad! – he said – You were so small Lucy. You obviously can’t remember me.

He took a deep breath.

– I’m your uncle, Tom. 

I started laughing.

– My uncle? Seriously? – I was still laughing.

– What’s so funny? – Tom was confused.

– You don’t seriously think that I’m going to believe that, right?

– Why wouldn’t you?

I started thinking. I mean, there was Clark and I didn’t know she existed. Maybe I had other relatives? Even the thought of that made me anxious. Why haven’t they come looking for me?Where were they when I needed them the most? Maybe I should give him a chance. At least he looks normal.

– Care to explain? – I asked.

He looked around. People started staring at us.

– Are you hungry?.

– Umm..I guess…

– There’s a bakery nearby, I’ll explain everything there.

I barely knew him. Sitting in a car with him was definitely not the best idea, but after all those car rides with strangers (including J. K. Rowling) I couldn’t see why it would be a problem. I needed food anyway.

– OK.

He had an honest smile and I saw relief on his face. The same smile Clark had. Maybe he is not lying. I had to find out.

Chapter 15

We stepped out of the pawnshop and started looking for his car.

– So where do you park? – I asked.

– Right here. – he said and pointed at a bicycle proudly.

– You’re kidding…

– What? – he smiled– I live nearby, why would I need a car?

I sighed and stepped alongside the road to flag down a cab. An old man was sitting behind the wheel. And when I say old… I mean really old. I wasn’t even sure he was allowed to drive athis age. I sat in the car and waited for Tom but he hesitated for a minute which I understood.

– Come on! – I said.

– Fine… – he got in. – To Phillip’s bakery, please!

– Buckle up ladies and gentlemen. – said the old man with excitement on his face.

I laughed but Tom was not having it.

After five minutes we stopped.

– Here it is. – said the old man– Phillip’s bakery.

– Thank you! – Tom sighed from relief. He was glad we arrived and asked quickly: – How much?

– $10.

– Here you go. Have a nice day!

– You too!

Last chapter

I often think back to the moment when I found that postcard in my mailbox. Who would have thought that a postcard would turn my life upside-down. So much has happened since then and it is honestly really hard to keep up with the happenings.

First there was Stacy who knocked me out. Then, I met my long lost twin, Clark. I ran away… she found me…we met Jacob… When I think about him I still hear the gunshot in my head. His death… it just didn’t make sense. After that I jumped out of the woman and the man’s car who handed us the briefcases. I left Clarke. I ran away, again. I met her squatter friends, then JK Rowling. It is all so crazy.

At that moment, I was in Philip’s bakery. Tom was sitting in front of me. You might be thinking: Who is Tom again?.. Tom is the owner of the pawnshop. And other than that, my uncle… I guess..

– So, I hope we didn’t come here only to try Philip’s famous apple pie. – I said.

He smiled and put the pie down to look at me.

– I’m sorry. It is just so good!! Are you sure you don’t want to try it?

– No. What I want is someone to finally explain me everything. – I said a bit aggressively. I started to become impatient.

He looked nervous. I assumed it was hard for him to find the right words to start with.

– Lucy, I am so sorry about everything. If I had known that you were alive…

– Wait a minute.. You thought I was dead? – I was really surprised. Why would I be dead? Is he working with Clark? Did my twin try to kill me but didn’t succeed? Maybe that bullet was meant for me and not Jacob…

– You were so little when Mark and Allison dropped you off in New Jersey. I wasn’t sure you had survived.

Oh my god. He was not talking about Clark. He was talking about the woman and the man who abandoned me. They were not my parents. Just two strangers who left me to die when I was 3. I looked really shocked and honestly disturbed by the whole thing. Tom noticed it and started to panic.

– I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to upset you. I thought you came here because you found out what had happened and wanted to talk about you parents…

– They are not my parents! – I said. I had a poker face on but tears in my eyes.

– Lucy, they had no choice… – he tried to calm me down.

– There is always a choice! – I almost shouted. – They just made the wrong one.

– It is more complicated than that. If you just calmed down, I could explain it.

– You know what? I am not sure I want to hear it. I turned my life upside-down only to look for answers but now I want everyone to leave me alone. You, Clark….

– Clark?! You met Clark?? – he looked like he was about to get a heart attack.

– Yes, that’s why I’m here. I am basically running away from her.

– Lucy listen to me! Your sister… she is dangerous! She got herself into some serious mess. You should stay away from her. – he had fear in his voice.

– I know she is dangerous. But she is also my sister and you have to tell me everything you know about her. She might be after me. I need to prepare myself. – now I was the one who tried to calm Tom down.

– It all connects to your pare… to Allison and Mark. When they were your age they got themselves included with the mafia.

My jaw dropped. The mafia?? Seriously??

– It was a whole mess and I don’t even know the whole story. They couldn’t tell me. If they did, I would probably be dead too.

My heart was racing. Allison and Mark…they were dead. I don’t even know why I cared. I didn’t know them. Tom was silent for a minute. He probably missed them.

– All I know is that they couldn’t pay them back something. When you and your sister were born the mafia delivered them a message. They gave them a choice. 

They could either hand over their newborn child, or the mafia would have made sure that the baby doesn’t see another day.

But we were twins.

– But you were twins. And that was something the mafia didn’t know. It had to stay that way. Your parents were terrified. They knew they didn’t really have a choice. They couldn’t risk their daughter’s life… so they handed her over. The mafia needed a soldier. Someone they could raise and later send on missions.

– Clark… – I was on the edge of crying.

– Yes… It was Clarke. She was raised by the mafia.

I wanted to say something but I couldn’t… I was physically unable to talk.

– And you Lucy… – he had a sad smile on his face– Your parents wanted at least one of their children to have a normal life. I know it probably doesn’t make sense but they were trying to save you.

– I don’t know what to say. – I could finally talk again.

It all made sense now. How Clark couldn’t go to the hospital when we got hurt, why she had a gun. She probably found out about me and tried to get to know me. I couldn’t blame her for kidnapping me. I thought I had a bad life… the abandoned girl from New Jersey. Clark grew up around dangerous people who only taught her violence.

– Listen I know it is a lot to take in but I am here to help now. I am sorry I wasn’t there for you. We are family and we can start over. – he had hope in his voice.

– And what about Clarke? Isn’t she family too? – I had to wipe away my tears.

– She is different.

– You know what? I don’t have time for this– I got up from the chair. – I have to find her and tell her, I understand.

– I can’t let you do that. – he got up too.

– You can’t tell me what to do. – I shouted. Everyone stared at us in the bakery.

I started going towards the door. Tom grabbed my hand.

– You can’t go outside!– he was even louder then me.

I looked at the parking lot. I thought I was hallucinating. A black car was there. The black car… the same car I jumped out of. Clark!! She must be inside. I started running.

– NO! – Tom was running too.

I was outside. I was still running. I almost reached the car… when… I fell back…I was on the ground. My ears were ringing, my leg was bleeding. I looked up at the car… at least what was left of it. It exploded. I couldn’t see my sister… I couldn’t see anything. Everything went dark.