Double Trouble: On The Road – Chapter 4

Written by: Dalma Fodor

You are probably wondering: how did I know that this girl was just an average person and not one of my sister’s “soldiers”? The answer is simple. I didn’t. But I had to take that risk. Leaving the dark basement was probably one of my best ideas so far.

– So where are you headed? – she asked.

In that moment I realized one thing was missing from my escape. My destination.Where should I go? I couldn’t go back to Jersey. They knew my address. It wasn’t safe.

– Honestly, I don’t know. –  I said.

– I would say I’m surprised but I promised not to ask questions.

– Thank you… Wait what’s your name again?

– It’s Ashley. And yours?

– Mary. – It wasn’t a complete lie. Mary was my middle name. I thought using it instead of Lucy wouldn’t hurt for a while. Just to make sure I didn’t get caught.

– Well Mary, I’m going to Atlanta. My boyfriend attends the university there and I want to surprise him with my visit.

– That sounds great! Then I guess I’m going to Atlanta as well.

– Wonderful! Any idea where you’ll stay? I don’t want to offend you but you don’t look very prepared.

She was right. My bag and everything I had in it was taken from me but for once in my life, my habit of leaving my credit card in my coat pocket was the thing that saved me from sleeping on the streets. I usually put it there because after paying in the shop I’m always too lazy to return it to my wallet.

– I’ll probably rent a room in a hotel.

– You… Do you have money with you? – she was quite shocked.

– Yes. Is it a surprise?

– It’s actually a relief. At least I know you won’t be homeless. – she smiled.

The road was long but it passed quickly. When we arrived at the university I was ready to say goodbye.

– No, no, no! – she said – You have to stay! There is a big fancy fair tonight. You’re coming and I won’t take no for an answer.

Ashley was a strong headed girl. I couldn’t say no to her. I went to the fair and it was actually a lot of fun.I usually never go to events like this. I guess the word “fun” was missing from my childhood. But I really enjoyed myself. There were many amusement stores. We sat on the ferris wheel and I even won a huge stuffed animal at one of the stores. It was a panda. I probably looked like a five-year-old holding it but I didn’t care. It was my day off or something like that. A memory that I’ll never forget. Something that no one can take away from me, not even my sister. At least that’s what I thought.

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