Double Trouble: On The Road – Chapter 3

Written by: Dalma Fodor

I couldn’t believe my eyes… So it’s true. I do have a sister. A twin actually. How is that even possible? Was she abandoned too? I had so many questions but I couldn’t say a word.

– Hello Lucy – she smiled.

Her smile was different than mine. She had small dimples on her cheeks.

– I’m sorry we had to meet under these circumstances.

The basement I woke up in was very familiar. I have been here before. When I was in the foster system we visited an old clothing factory that looked just like this place. I remember how boring it was. The basement seemed very spacious then. 

Suddenly, a tall blonde girl ran into the room, went straight to my sister and whispered her something. Judging by her face, the girl didn’t bring great news. They both started walking towards the door. I stood up and followed them. I heard people coming after me, a man even grabbed my arm and tried to pull me back but I pushed him away. I was able to reach the girl’s arm and turned her around so I could see her face. It was Stacy. I was so mad. She was a part of this whole thing…

– You! You are responsible for all of this! – I screamed.

– Lucy you need to calm down.

– How could I calm down when you knocked me out with a baseball bat, you psycho!

– You don’t understand! I tried to help you but you couldn’t listen so I didn’t have a choice.

– This is madness…

– Lucy please sit down and I will explain everything! – said my sister calmly.

I realized  I hadn’t even known her name. I wanted to run but I also wanted answers.

– Then start talking and tell me why we are here! I know this place!

– I’ll answer your questions and I promise everything will make sense after that, but first Stacy and I have to take care of something. Please understand!

I watched them leave the basement. Like I was abandoned all over again.

I waited for about an hour. The soldier looking people kept offering me water and food but I rejected them. I refused talking to anyone but my sister. What my kidnappers didn’t know was that I gave up waiting for her half an hour ago and started working on my escape plan. I had noticed they changed the guards every 10 minutes leaving the back door unwatched. I kept checking my watch… It was time. The guard left its place and I started running towards the door. That was my only shot. I had to be quick.

– Hey where do you think you’re going?! – screamed a man at me.

They kept shouting and running after me but I barely heard them. I just ran… As fast as I could. My heart was racing. I couldn’t remember where the exit was. Not surprising. The place was a huge maze. But I noticed some light at the end of the hallway. Luckily, it led me outside. I found myself next to the same road where our bus used to park when we visited the factory. Then I did the same thing that got me into this whole mess… I hitchhiked a car.

A girl picked me up. She was about the same age as I was. I probably looked like a mess guessing from her expression. 

– What the hell happened to you? – she asked me while I was getting in the car.

– Let’s not talk about that…

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