Double Trouble: On The Road – Chapter 2

Written by: Dalma Fodor

– So are you excited about your job interview? – asked the woman who was driving the car I hitchhiked.

– Perhaps nervous is a better word.

I lied. But what else could I do? I couldn’t tell her that I’m going to Dallas because a fizzling postcards told me to…

– Don’t be. I know Dallas like the back of my hand- she smiled – You’re going to love it!

We continue talking about my made up job at the animal shelter that I really wanted to get. Her name was Stacy. She was really nice. I felt bad that I didn’t tell her the truth but I couldn’t trust her or anyone at that point. She told me about her religious family. They are Catholic and they live by specific rules. Especially her grandmother who she was about to visit. She thinks reading the Bible is her number one duty. I am also Catholic but not that strictly. However, she said that they pray before every meal and wear modest clothes. Stacy lives in Jersey but always makes time to be with her family. You would think I’m jealous that she actually has one, but I’m not. I never knew what it felt like. As they say: “you can’t miss something you never had.” 

We stopped at a gas station because the car was out of gas. Stacy refilled the tank and grabbed her purse. 

– I’ll be back in a minute. Stay in the car! – she said.

It sounded like an order. Weird. But I did what she asked for… Then I had to go to the toilet.  I thought I’d be quick but she was waiting for me when I came out.

– You should have listened! – she said.

I was so shocked by her words I almost didn’t notice the baseball bat she was holding. The last thing I remember is a terrible pain in my head and then… Nothing. I probably blacked out from the punch Stacy gave me because when I woke up I was in a dark basement. Or at least it looked like a basement.

I couldn’t really tell. My ears were whistling and I felt very dizzy. I heard people whispering in the distance. They were wearing dark clothes and looked like soldiers. One of them stepped in front of me. The picture started to clear out. A girl. She was quite tall, had long brown hair, brown eyes and was wearing black like everyone else. If I want to be more specific, she looked just like me. 

My twin.